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A Proven Business Strategy

Blood Orange is the mirror of the mind so is the website, the mirror of your business. A website gives an overall glimpse of the company to the world. An interactive website and informative website have an innate ability to invite more traffic to the website and influence in making good business. To ensure high flow of public to your website, it is essential that the website contents be reorganized in the line of the latest developments.Unique website contents have arresting power to reach the millions across the globe.

Reorganization of information in websites is done through back end called Content Management System (CMS) and reorganization of information in database on the website is done through back end called Customer relationship management (CRM) The system helps business firms to manage and distribute information quickly and efficiently on thier website.

Blood Orange a website development and website design company in Cape Town, provides cms, crm and SEO solutions which have been successfully integrated in websites with diverse requirements. e-commerce website or a corporate website or just a personal website, we offer open source content management solutions and Customer relationship management solutions which enable clients to have complete control over their website's content, database and structure of thier website.